Mantle for sound insulation

In recent years the awareness of home comfort has become increasingly widespread. Developers and end users require outstanding performance and quality characteristics, appropriate to their expectations and demand specific warranties from the manufacturer and the designer

While on the subject of energy saving leaps and bounds have been made in recent years, the problem of acoustic comfort is still underestimated. Recent studies have also shown that people who live in areas not adequately insulated acoustically have trouble sleeping, irritability, reduced productivity at work
For these reasons, non-compliance with minimum noise insulation performance may compromise the very validity of the certificate of habitability and produce a considerable loss of property value

U-Boot Silence is the sound insulation mantle specifically designed to be used on slabs lightened with the U-Boot Beton  system, which “silences” for good the annoying airborne noise and by impact 
The application of U-Boot Silence on these lightened slabs delivers excellent insulation performance by placing the building into Class I (UNI 11367:2010) for the airborne noise and impact